People try to survive in the parallel universe by harnessing energy from the ground. But you are not alone.

Lost in Parallel Universe is an interactive generative artwork created by Edan Kwan at Lusion to explore using the web technology to procedurally generate millions of unique artworks. The only project dependency is THREE.JS r124 and it is a fully procedural project without any model or texture files being imported in this project. The whole project excluding the THREE.JS library is around 60KB without JSCrunch compression.

You can find more details in this article about my ArtBlocks application and the project breakdown of this experiment.

HD Export: It will use multi-sampling to generate a high quality 2k square image. New Visual: It will refresh and generate you an unqiue new 3D artwork. Interaction: Drag and drop and rotate the camera. Press <space> to pause.